Cross Reactivity

The information below represents a compilation of data derived through collaboration with various veterinary diagnostic labs and research institutions who have used Cell Marque™ antibodies or the same clones sold by Cell Marque™.

DogU CatM MouseI RatK MonkeyA RabbitR ChickenG CattleQ HorseJ SheepS ShrewC HamsterH Guinea PigW PigE LizardF FishO
ACTH (polyclonal) U M
Actin, Muscle Specific (HHF35) U M I K A R G
Actin, Smooth Muscle (1A4) U M K S E
Alpha-Fetoprotein (polyclonal) U M J
Androgen Receptor (SP107) A
Annexin A1 (MRQ-3) U
Beta-Catenin (14) U I G
C4d (polyclonal) I K
Calcitonin (polyclonal) U M
Caldesmon (E89) I K
Calponin-1 (EP798Y) U I K
Calponin (CALP)U M
Calretinin (polyclonal) U M
CD1a (MTB1) U M
CD3 (polyclonal) U I
CD4 (SP35) A
CD10 (56C6) U M
CD14 (EPR3653) U
CD20 (L26) U M
CD21 (EP3093) U
CD31 (JC70) U M I§
D34 (QBEnd/10) U
CD56 (MRQ-42) I K
CD57 (NK-1) U M
CD68 (Kp-1) M A
CD79a (JCB117) U M
CD99 (EPR3097Y) J
CEA (polyclonal) U M
Chromogranin A (LK2H10) U M
COX-2 (SP21) U M I K
Cyclin D1 (EP12) I
Cyclin D1 (SP4) I K
Cytokeratin (34betaE12) UMA R Q J
Cytokeratin (OSCAR) U M
Cytokeratin 7 (OV-TL 12/30) U M
Cytokeratin 20 (Ks20.8) U M
Cytokeratin Cocktail (AE1 & AE3) U M I K A R G J
Cytokeratin, LMW (AE1) I K A R G Q C O
Desmin (D33) U M I K G S H
Factor VIII-R Ag. (polyclonal) U M
Fascin (55k-2) K
FSH (polyclonal) A
Gastrin (polyclonal) U M
GCDFP-15 (23A3) K
Glucagon (polyclonal) U I K J
Glypican-3 (1G12) U
Hepatocyte Specific Antigen (Hep-Par1) (OCH1E5) U M
HMB-45 + MART-1 (Melan A) + Tyrosinase (HMB-45 + A103 + T311) U
IgG (polyclonal) U M
Inhibin, alpha (R1) U M
Insulin (polyclonal) U M I
Kappa (L1C1) U M
KBA.62 (KBA.62) U
Ki-67 (SP6) I
Lambda (Lamb14) U M
MART-1 (Melan A) (A103) U
Microphthalmia Transcription Factor (MiTF) (C5/D5) U M
MUM1 (MRQ-8) U
MUM1 (MRQ-43) U M
Myelin Basic Protein (polyclonal) U
Myeloperoxidase (polyclonal) U M
Myoglobin (polyclonal) U M
Myosin, Smooth Muscle (SMMS-1) U M
Neurofilament (2F11) U
p53 (DO7)M Q J S
Parathyroid Hormone (PTH) (MRQ-31) U M
PAX-5 (24) U M I
Phosphohistone H3 (PHH3) A
Renal Cell Carcinoma (RCC) (PN-15) K
S-100 (4C4.9) U M I K Q
Somatostatin (polyclonal) U J F
SOX-10 (EP268) U M
Synaptophysin (polyclonal) U M
Thyroglobulin (2H11 + 6E1) U M
Thyroglobulin (MRQ-41) M
TTF-1 (8G7G3/1) U
Uroplakin III (AU-1) U M
Vimentin (V9)U M K R Q J W

Cell Marque™ does not guarantee performance of the products in above applications. It is solely the responsibility of the end user to validate the use of Cell Marque™ antibodies in any given application.

† Spleen and lung
‡ May see variability according to case
§ Fracture callus tissue
¶ Tonsil