Purified Antibodies

The Cell Marque™ purified antibody portfolio is carrier-free and formulated to enhance flexibility in diagnostic and research workflows, making them ideal for applications such as:

  • Immunofluorescence
  • MIBI
  • Oligonucleotide labeling
  • Metal labeling for CyTOF® mass cytometry
  • Imaging Mass Cytometry™ (IMC)

Backed by decades of experience in antibody development, Cell Marque™ products are created with sustainable cell line production and an ISO 13485 manufacturing environment. Thanks to a team of Technical Specialists and the expertise of two staff Pathologists, we are your dedicated partner in tissue diagnostics development.

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Top Carrier-Free Antibodies:

  • CD56 (MRQ-42)
  • CD31 (JC70)
  • Actin, Smooth Muscle (1A4)
  • CD8 (C8/144B)
  • CD25 (CD25/4C9)
  • CD3 (MRQ-39)
  • CD7 (MRQ-56)
  • CK Cocktail (AE1/AE3)
  • PD-1 (NAT/MRQ-50)
  • TFE-3 (MRQ-37)
  • GATA3 (L50-823)
  • CD30 (Ber-H2)
  • Ep-Cam (Ber-Ep4)
  • CD20 (L26)
  • CD45 (2B11 & PD7/26)
  • PAX-8 (MRQ-50)
  • SOX-11 (MRQ-58)
  • CD23 (MRQ-57)
  • CD71 (MRQ-48)
  • CD45RO (UCHL-1)
  • CD68 (CD68/Kp-1)
  • CD15 (MMA)
Cell Marque™ Performance, Your Application
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We will work with you directly to confirm exactly what you require, then build the antibody to your specifications (minimums may apply).

MilliporeSigma provides a wide range of Life Science solutions to researchers, CRO, Pharma and many more to continue moving science forward. Together we can offer a wide range of products and services throughout the antibody development lifecycle: Cell Marque™ performance, your application.

Custom Antibody Development

If you are looking to develop your own cell line or have a target of interest, learn more about our custom antibody services.

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