Cross Reactivity

The information below represents a compilation of data derived through collaboration with various veterinary diagnostic labs and research institutions who have used Cell Marque antibodies or the same clones sold by Cell Marque.

You can also download a PDF copy of the cross reactivity guide here:

DogU CatM MouseI RatK MonkeyA RabbitR ChickenG CattleQ HorseJ SheepS ShrewC HamsterH Guinea PigW PigE LizardF FishO
ACTH (polyclonal) U M
Actin, Muscle Specific (HHF35) U M I K A R G
Actin, Smooth Muscle (1A4) U M K S E
Alpha-Fetoprotein (polyclonal) U M J
Annexin A1 (MRQ-3) U
Beta-Catenin (14) U I G
C4d (polyclonal) I K
Calcitonin (polyclonal) U M
Caldesmon (E89) I K
Calponin-1 (EP798Y) U I K
Calponin (CALP)U M
Calretinin (polyclonal) U M
CD1a (MTB1) U M
CD3 (polyclonal) U I
CD4 (SP35) A
CD10 (56C6) U M
CD14 (EPR3653) U
CD20 (L26) U M
CD21 (EP3093) U
CD31 (JC70) U M I§
D34 (QBEnd/10) U
CD57 (NK-1) U M
CD68 (Kp-1) M A
CD79a (JCB117) U M
CD99 (EPR3097Y) J
CD117, c-kit (YR145) U M
CEA (polyclonal) U M
Chromogranin A (LK2H10) U M
COX-2 (SP21) U M I K
Cyclin D1 (SP4) I K
Cytokeratin (34betaE12) UMA R Q J
Cytokeratin (OSCAR) U M
Cytokeratin 7 (OV-TL 12/30) U M
Cytokeratin 20 (Ks20.8) U M
Cytokeratin Cocktail (AE1 & AE3) U M I K A R G J
Cytokeratin, LMW (AE1) I K A R G Q C O
Desmin (D33) U M I K G S H
Estrogen Receptor (SP1) I K H
Factor VIII-R Ag. (polyclonal) U M
Fascin (55k-2) K
Gastrin (polyclonal) U M
GCDFP-15 (23A3) K
Glucagon (polyclonal) U I K J
Glypican-3 (1G12) U
Hepatocyte Specific Antigen (Hep-Par1) (OCH1E5) U M
IgG (polyclonal) U M
Inhibin, alpha (R1) U M
Insulin (polyclonal) U M I
Kappa (L1C1) U M
Ki-67 (SP6) I
Lambda (Lamb14) U M
MART-1 (Melan A) (A103) U
Melanoma Cocktail (HMB-45 + A103 + T311) U
Microphthalmia Transcription Factor (MiTF) (C5/D5) U M
MUM1 (MRQ-8) U
MUM1 (MRQ-43) U M
Myelin Basic Protein (polyclonal) U
Myeloperoxidase (polyclonal) U M
Myoglobin (polyclonal) U M
Myosin, Smooth Muscle (SMMS-1) U M
Neurofilament (2F11) U
p53 (DO7)M Q J S
Parathyroid Hormone (PTH) (MRQ-31) U M
PAX-5 (24) U M I
Renal Cell Carcinoma (RCC) (PN-15) K
S-100 (4C4.9) U M I K Q
Somatostatin (polyclonal) U J F
Synaptophysin (polyclonal) U M
Thyroglobulin (2H11 + 6E1) U M
Thyroglobulin (MRQ-41) M
TTF-1 (8G7G3/1) U
Uroplakin III (AU-1) U M
Vimentin (V9)U M K R Q J W

Cell Marque does not guarantee performance of the products in above applications. It is solely the responsibility of the end user to validate the use of Cell Marque antibodies in any given application.

† Spleen and lung
‡ May see variability according to case
§ Fracture callus tissue
¶ Tonsil