Your Experts in Immunohistochemistry

Your Experts in Immunohistochemistry

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Discover new additions and features we've implemented into our new website including our new specialties section.

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All new layout that includes multiple images with zooming capabilities, links to article abstracts, recommended protocols, and literature pieces. Antibody panels are coming soon!

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With new icons and color association, you can quickly identify antibodies that are specific for your area of study!

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Join in on the discussion with our new News and Events page blog!

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All online orders are now handled through our parent company, Sigma-Aldrich®. Orders can still be placed over the phone with Cell Marque. Click here to learn more about how to order.

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Enjoy our new educational website wherever you are. Though our new responsive site, you can visit Cell Marque on your desktop, tablet, and/or smart phone.


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Cross Reactivity

Data from veterinary diagnostic labs and research institutions.

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Double Stains

Using more than one antibody to have a clearer diagnosis.

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Extensive portfolio of Epitomics Concentrates.

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