HistoCyte Control Material

Laboratories often struggle for sustainable control material. Additionally, biomarker expression can vary throughout the tissue, often due to a number of factors including, but not limited to:

  • Fixation
  • Process artifact
  • Heterogeneity of the protein

This means that tissue selected as a control can vary to the point that makes its use redundant.

HistoCyte Laboratories cell lines are compact and typically "tissue-like". In particular, the breast ductal carcinoma often creates "pseudo-acini" producing a more tissue-like appearance. The morphology of the cells allow better representation of how they have been treated on the slide while the assay has been conducted; it is widely apparent when the morphology is disrupted. Other cell line preparations available in the market, while performing adequately by IHC or FISH, are often sparse as well as the cellular integrity or morphology is often poor.

HistoCyte Laboratories cell lines are standardized, developed, and manufactured to provide consistent results throughout the block; this is what differentiates them from competitors and from other tissue controls. HistoCyte has quality in control!

HistoCyte Laboratories has developed a range of controls, some with as few as two cell lines providing a positive and negative: Standard Controls. There is also a supply of more comprehensive products with as many as five cell lines, providing a range of expression and sensitivity: The Dynamic RangeDR

Dynamic RangeDR Controls

Standard Controls