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The Midas® III-Plus Automated Stainer is a fully automated, benchtop stainer with a small footprint. It is designed to perform routine hematology, histology and bacteriology staining effortlessly. Since the unit is fully programmable and uses a dip staining technique, you can duplicate your existing staining techniques and ensure consistent results. This reduces stain consumption up to 50%.

We also have a full line of stains perfectly suited for use with the Midas® III-Plus Automated Stainer. Learn more.


  • Small footprint and low maintenance
  • Ideally suited for staining up to 300 slides per day
  • Up to 30 slides or coverslips uniformly stained in minutes
  • Automatic electronic self-test at startup
  • Versatile stainer with 9 user-defined programs, each containing up to 29 processing steps
  • Suited for Wright, Giemsa, Wright-Giemsa, Pappenheim, Leishman, Gram, Kinyoun, and AFB staining applications

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Complete List of Stains, Dyes, & Universal Reagents: