Welcome to HistoHero University!

Our Summer Camp Series may have come to an end, but we are committed to keeping you virtually engaged! All our educational IHC material is readily available in recorded versions below.

These 30-minute bite size webinars include various IHC specialty topics and antibodies, as well as Routine and Special Stain techniques.

Thank you for your participation and we will see you next time!

Past Webinars


Take a look into how IHC can be used to help aid in the identification of various skin cancers ranging from lymphomas of the skin to sarcomas of the skin, as well as differentiate between different types of skin cancer.

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In this presentation, we will investigate 6 antibodies that contribute immunohistochemically to help aid neuropathology cancer detection for very rare forms of cancer.

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GI Pathology: Antibody and EQA Updates

Stay tuned as we highlight an array of markers specific to upper GI organs, discuss the critical topic of quality control in the clinical laboratory, and showcase HistoCyte external controls.

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Through the lens of immunohistochemistry, this discussion will showcase a range of antibodies used to aid in the identification of pediatric tumors.

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IHC Applications in Soft Tissue Pathology

Let's evaluate commonly used antibodies in conjunction with some key, novel IHC tests for soft tissue pathology while exploring how IHC can help aid the pathologist in an accurate diagnosis.

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Understanding B-cell Lymphoma

A session to better understand the broad topic of unique immunophenotype B-cell lymphoma at various stages of lymphomagenesis and how IHC has proven to be an extremely valuable diagnostic tool to both clinicians and researchers.

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Breast Cancer & IHC

During this webinar, we will discuss the importance of immunohistochemistry in the detection, subtyping, and therapy qualification of breast cancer.

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A Quick Breath Into Pulmonary Pathology

Get ready to broaden your knowledge of the various forms of lung cancer and the etiological factors that influence the high rates surrounding it. We will close off the session with discussion around the grid lines of staining tools and how we can use them to help identify these different forms of lung cancer.

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The Pancreas Files

Let’s discuss the complexity surrounding pancreatic diseases and how specific tests like special stains and IHC can be employed to accurately identify even the most difficult and serious pancreatic conditions.

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Renal Biopsy – A Staining Overview

In this presentation we will review the function of the kidneys, indications for renal biopsy and commonly used histological stain procedures.

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IHC in Gynecological Pathology

This presentation examines some classic tools and tests used in today’s labs and compares them with newer technologies, ultimately exploring how modern changes can carve out a more accurate and precise diagnosis.

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Genitourinary Pathology & IHC

In this presentation we will review the common and new primary antibodies available for detecting and subtyping tumors of the kidney, prostate, bladder, testis, and ovaries.

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An Aberration of Blood Cells

This presentation covers many of the basic science, facts, and statistics of hematologic malignancies, as well as the utility of immunohistochemical testing with markers such as TdT, PAX-5, CD61, and CD71 in the accurate diagnosis and survival rate of leukemia.

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Case Studies & IHC

Case studies are records of clinical practices that can be used as teaching tools for practitioners and students. The IHC tests that are run as adjunct tests to the H&E can give a lot of helpful information to the pathologist, and the techniques and algorithms incorporated may play a big part in the likely direction a pathologist goes with their diagnosis. In this webinar, we look at some examples of these case studies and the influence that IHC may have on them.

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*CE credits available for live webinars only.