Volume 11 Reference Guide Errata

(05/09/2017) Adjustment: Change product information for the following antibodies for a designation change to ASR: CD117, EGFR, H. pylori, and HHV-8. p. 77, 112, 145, 154 Download
(02/26/2017) Adjustment: Discontinuation of the pressure cooker - removal of this product from our catalog. p. 278 Download
(06/22/2016) Correction: Diamond: Antibody Diluent and Emerald: Antibody Diluent to reflect correct product volumes and/or correct part numbers. p. 278 Download
(06/22/2016) Correction: Universal Negative Control Serum to reflect correct part numbers. p. 280 Download
(06/22/2016) Included additional product listing for Dab Substrate Kit & Permanent Red Chromogen Kit.
(06/22/2016) Correction: Hematoxylin to reflect correct part numbers. p. 284 Download
(06/06/2016) Correction: HiDef Detection™, HRP Polymer System and Alk Phos Polymer System, to reflect correct product names with associated part numbers. p. 282 Download