Established in 1994, Cell Marque primarily focuses on producing and marketing antibodies for diagnostic immunohistochemistry (IHC). Our main focus is providing quality and innovative antibodies for in vitro diagnostic use to further serve the clinical market. Cell Marque serves pathology laboratories and research facilities globally through a domestic sales force, our team of Technical Consultants, as well as international distributors. We are a company that encourages intellectual growth and it is our goal to stay on top of current issues in our industry so that we can bring our customers the newest and most innovative antibodies available.

In addition, Cell Marque manufactures and supplies primary antibodies to Ventana Medical Systems® (a member of The Roche Group) who is the world leader in automated IHC platforms. Lastly, we are one of the only IHC companies that employs a team of medical doctors, including two full-time pathologists, to deliver to our customers the level of quality and support they deserve.

Cell Marque operates out of a consolidated facility in Rocklin, California. The facility incorporates laboratories for hybridoma-derived antibody production, research and development, histology, and quality control as well as production floor space. Cell Marque is both ISO13485:2003 certified and 21 CFR Part 820 compliant and therefore offers our products to key markets worldwide. We have also taken an initiative to enhance our productivity through studied improvements in workflow (LEAN Enterprise) and the adoption of paperless document management software.

Cell Marque has grown every year without exception. We attribute this to diligent adherence to our Mission, Vision, and Values.

Your Experts in Immunohistochemistry

Our Mission

Our world class team strives to be the leading supplier of advanced histopathology reagents through a culture of innovation, continuous improvement, and relentless dedication to both those we serve and perfection of the art.

Our Vision

Cell Marque

In all we do, we are dedicated to exceeding the expectations of our customers.

We empower and equip our employees to make our brand the most trusted and sought after in our industry.

Cell Marque
Cell Marque

We cultivate organizational synergy in the pursuit of excellence.

We promote brand loyalty by delivering exceptional value and distinguished service.

Cell Marque
Market Share
Cell Marque

We will be first in the mind of the customer.

We foster mutually beneficial relationships with global strategic partners.

Cell Marque
Cell Marque

We commit resources to continually identify and offer products that will further advance the art of histopathology.

We believe that service to the customer begins with quality.

Cell Marque
Cell Marque

We serve the healthcare needs of the global community through universal applications of our products.

From Passion to Product to Patient®

Cell Marque

From Passion, To Product, To Patient®

Our History

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Vision Transforms into Reality

Established in Austin, Texas in September of 1994, Cell Marque opened its doors with a unique vision. Nora Lacey, founder and President, envisioned a company where she could sell IHC antibodies of the highest quality, coupled with exceptional customer service, to passionately serve its laboratory customers and thereby cancer patients worldwide.

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Deparaffinize, Rehydrate, and Unmask: Trilogy is Born

The early years of Cell Marque were filled with creative ideas and solutions to common problems seen in the IHC industry. Cell Marque invents and patents Trilogy™, a three-in-one pretreatment reagent, which has now become a staple in labs throughout the world. Trilogy™ is a revolutionary product that deparaffinizes, rehydrates, and unmasks all in one easy step. Trilogy™ allows labs to standardize their pretreatment process as well as reducing that process time by a productivity-boosting 45 minutes. This reduction in process time has made Trilogy™ a highly popular and sought after Cell Marque product. Cell Marque also patented its unique “bladder approach” to dispensing reagents from a dispenser without producing bubbles during the staining process. This innovative approach reduced the occurrence of false negatives in customer labs.

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First Strategic Partnership

Cell Marque begins its strategic partnership with Ventana Medical Systems (now a member of the Roche Group), the global market leader in automated staining platforms, to manufacture and supply Ventana’s portfolio of IHC antibodies in their proprietary ready-to-use dispensers.


Expansion Worldwide Begins

Cell Marque sets its sights on expanding its IHC audience to the global market. Cell Marque proudly welcomes its first international distributor in Italy.


Goodbye Texas, Hello Arkansas

After six prosperous years in Austin, Texas, Cell Marque relocates to Hot Springs, Arkansas. With Cell Marque’s continual internal and external growth, Hot Springs enabled Cell Marque to expand into a more cost favorable and larger facility. Cell Marque was able to grow its portfolio, both direct-to-consumer vials, as well as its Ventana product line.

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Cell Marque & the CE Mark

Cell Marque adds the CE Mark, indicating its compliance with the directives set forth by the European Union. This helped further expand Cell Marque’s presence and growth in the international market.

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ISO Certification is Acquired

Cell Marque obtains ISO 13485:2003 certification, improving its existing quality management system under 21 CFR Part 820, Quality System Regulation (QSR.) Cell Marque’s robust quality system meets the requirements set by the U.S. FDA and the International Organization for Standardization and affirms Cell Marque’s commitment to consistently produce the highest quality antibodies and reagents on the market.


Goodbye Arkansas, Hello California

After five years in Hot Springs, Arkansas, Cell Marque relocates to Rocklin, California to better capitalize on California’s specialized labor force and biotech opportunities. Cell Marque purchased its first building and established ties to the Sacramento area.

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Celebrating 10 Year Partnership with Roche Tissue Diagnostics

Cell Marque and Roche Tissue Diagnostics (Ventana) celebrate their 10 year partnership. Cell Marque expands its domestic territories and strengthens its sales force, making it possible to reach more customers on a regional, state and national level.

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Achievements in Portfolio Expansion, Distributor Recognition, a LEAN Enterprise and More…

Cell Marque expands its Research and Development efforts by introducing over 50 new and innovative antibodies in one year. 2008 also marks Cell Marque’s first international distributors meeting, held in Athens, Greece, which corresponded with the International Academy of Pathology tradeshow. Furthermore, Cell Marque begins incorporating the science of LEAN Enterprise, following through with the objective principles to eliminate waste, add value, and work efficiently in order to best serve its customers.

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“Buzzworthy” Catalog Developed by Cell Marque's Technical and Creative Teams

Cell Marque launches its much anticipated Volume 9: Immunohistochemistry Reference Guide. The innovative catalog, which includes exciting features such as Cell Marque’s diagnostic panels created by its in-house pathologists, becomes an instant “must have” in the industry, and is even utilized in classrooms to teach IHC to medical students.

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Spring Forward with a Partnership with Spring Bioscience

Cell Marque partners with Spring Bioscience (a member of the Roche Group) to add over 30 highly regarded SP Clones to its portfolio, capitalizing on Spring’s unique rabbit monoclonal technology. Cell Marque’s R&D efforts allowed it to develop Spring’s RUO antibodies for in vitro diagnostic use by optimizing the product line to comply with the ISO 13485:2003 and the FDA Quality System Regulations (QSR) 21 CFR Part 820 standard.

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One of the Fastest Growing Companies in America: Cell Marque is Recognized by Inc. Magazine

After 17 years in the IHC industry, Cell Marque nearly triples its staff and expands to a second office building. This promising growth not only pays testament to a prosperous past, but foreshadows an even more promising future. Cell Marque is also listed as one of the fastest growing private companies in America by Inc. Magazine (and continues to do so for the next three years and counting!)

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Design Team Wins 1st Place in Two Categories at the DxMA Awards

Cell Marque is honored to receive 1st place for the “Standardized Heat Induced Epitope Retrieval using Trilogy™” training video. The Creative Communication Awards is hosted by DxMA annually which judges all companies in the in vitro diagnostics field. Cell Marque also received 1st place for its innovative catalog, the Immunohistochemistry Reference Guide, as well as its antibody and non-antibody product packaging.

Also, Cell Marque is pleased to have created various international partners in over 60 countries worldwide. Driven by superior service and a rapidly expanding portfolio of quality products, Cell Marque has been able to fully develop these strategic partnerships, further fulfilling countless lab needs worldwide.

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Partnering with Menarini Diagnostics

Cell Marque signed a prestigious contract with European-based Menarini Diagnostics to manufacture Cell Marque’s entire antibody portfolio for Menarini’s distribution and sale on its exclusive ImPath automated platform. This partnership will allow further distribution of Cell Marque products globally through one of Europe’s top distributors. Cell Marque also purchased a third building and expanded its facilities even further.

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Leica, Epitomics, and Sigma-Aldrich… Oh My!

Cell Marque celebrates its 20th year in business! In this milestone year, Cell Marque enters an agreement with Leica Biosystems to provide Cell Marque antibodies on Leica's automated Bond platform. This establishes Cell Marque as the primary source for IHC IVD antibodies to the industry leaders. Cell Marque also enters into a global 10 year strategic marketing agreement for Abcam’s (Epitomics) IVD IHC RabMab® antibodies. Cell Marque completes its 20th year by signing an acquisition agreement with Sigma-Aldrich! The new ownership will take Cell Marque to new heights with continuous focus on providing our customers the best quality products with exceptional customer care.


Advancing the Art of Histopathology