Cell Marque

You spoke, we listened. Here at Cell Marque, we enjoy making your job easier. Cell Marque is pleased to announce our new HiDef Detection™ packages designed to make ordering a breeze. Each detection package includes HiDef Detection™ HRP, DAB Substrate Kit and Peroxide Block in 15 ml, 50 ml, or 100 ml sizes.

Benefits of Peroxide Block:
  • Blocks endogenous peroxidase to prevent non-specific DAB staining

Benefits of HiDef Detection™:
  • 2-step polymer detection with improved staining intensity over 1-step polymer detection systems
  • Allows further dilution of the primary antibody
  • Shorter primary antibody incubation times

Benefits of DAB Substrate Kit:
  • Permanent staining of the target antigen
  • Provides stark contrast to hematoxylin counterstain
  • Reacts quickly with shorter protocols (5 minute incubation time!)
  • Crisp staining with minimal blushing and diffusion
  • Does not react with endogenous phosphatase

  15 ml volumes 50 ml volumes 100 ml volumes
Description Part No. Part No. Part No.

HiDef Detection™ 954D-50 954D-20 954D-30
DAB Substrate 957D-50 957D-20 957D-60
Peroxide Block 925B-02 925B-03 925B-04

(Items sold separately)