CD13 (EP117) Rabbit Monoclonal Antibody

CD13 (EP117) on bone marrow.

CD13 (EP117) Rabbit Monoclonal Antibody

Specialties: Hematopathology

Updated: 2017-10-12 16:36:53

CD13 (aminopeptidase-N) is a transmembrane protease present in many tissues and cell types (e.g., endothelial and epithelial cells, fibroblasts, and leukocytes).1 CD13 is expressed in various solid and hematological malignancies in humans and is useful in identifying acute myeloid leukemia when used in a panel including antibodies against CD13(+), CD34(+), CD117(+), CD16(-), and CD33(+).2-3 This protein is also expressed in myeloid sarcoma and anti-CD13 is useful in its identification using a panel.4 In addition, it has been reported that CD13 is expressed in both normal and neoplastic liver tissue, where it exhibits a canalicular distribution pattern similar to that seen for polyclonal CEA and CD10. Thus, anti-CD13 can be useful as an additional marker in differentiating between HCC and non-hepatocellular neoplasms.5

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  • Reactivity: paraffin
  • Visualization: cytoplasmic, membranous
  • Control: liver
  • Dilution Range: 1:25-1:100*

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For in vitro diagnostic (IVD) use in USA

0.1 mL concentrate113R-24
0.5 mL concentrate113R-25
1 mL concentrate113R-26
1 mL predilute113R-27
7 mL predilute113R-28

This product is not available in Canada

For in vitro diagnostic (IVD) use in Europe

0.1 mL concentrate113R-24
0.5 mL concentrate113R-25
1 mL concentrate113R-26
1 mL predilute113R-27
7 mL predilute113R-28

For research use only (RUO) in Japan

0.1 mL concentrate113R-24-RUO
0.5 mL concentrate113R-25-RUO
1 mL concentrate113R-26-RUO
1 mL predilute113R-27-RUO
7 mL predilute113R-28-RUO


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